Hello! I'm Lara, and I'm 21 years old. I've been exploring the state of hypnosis since I was about nine years old with my mentor Božidar Grilc.

It's the only hobby that has interested me since I was a child and my interest has only grown over the years. Specifically, not hypnosis as a myth of controlling other people's thoughts, but as a highly effective means for various issues and ideas that each of us encounters in life.

Over time, more and more interesting information has emerged from this field, so we have decided to share some of it with you.

If you haven't delved into these matters before, it can be a bit confusing at the beginning, so I recommend watching some of his videos or reading some content on his websites, which delve more casually into the topic. It's all very different from the usual school-taught information, so I ask that you open your mind a bit before continuing to read. 🙂

Božidar's websites: https://grilchypnosistraining.com/


Me&You Lara Grilc

Discover our book Me&You which delves into the dynamics of parents, children, and partnerships. It offers clear explanations of various relationship dynamics in a straightforward manner. For more details, please visit here.

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