The following information is a transcript of a short recording in my hypnotic trance. The bolded questions are the ones my dad asked the entities in this field.

Family and its purpose

The meaning of family. The role of partners, children. How to find the right balance between one’s own life and the life of children?

They’re saying that the concept of family is given value where there is no value in the background. The concept of family ends with reproduction. Family is more a consequence of reproduction. We have relatives because we have them. However, I don’t see why this would affect the moral aspect. I don’t see genetics doing anything about it. Connection is built or earned. If you were to raise a friend as a brother, it would be the same, perhaps even physical similarities would start to show.

The idea why we reproduce is because we are safer in groups, not in families, but in groups. Because we have developed so much, there are so many of us in the world that it is no longer necessary. We can be independent, whereas in the past we couldn’t be. Now a person can go through life alone. Previously, this was not possible because of food and similar things. If a person wonders whether to have children because they don’t want to sacrifice or lose their own life, they should not have them. Those who feel the reproductive instinct should continue.

Is this instinct also connected to past lives?

I observe a lot of things, such as character, soul, and lessons. But still, our decision is the strongest, character is much stronger than anything else. I see that people should make decisions regarding these things based on whether they would be willing to take care of a child themselves, even if they had to take care of it 100% alone. Without a partner. I see that people forget what a burden and responsibility it is to have a child. We often talk about the number of children, but it’s not about numbers, it’s about individuals. A person who will have you as some foundation in their life, some base. You are their beginning.

Is that why most bad things happen in the family world?

Yes, because those are the close people with whom you haven’t even been given a chance to be close. They are just there. The concept of family has been lost after we gained the ability to be independent, to go to the store for food when there was no longer a need for hunting. There is no longer any sense in being in such a pact. A cult is closer to how we would imagine a family, rather than a real family.


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