A healthy mind in a healthy body

Do these two things work in both directions – a healthy mind in a healthy body? Can the mind influence the body positively and the body influence the mind positively?

I don’t see that mental state can fully replace everything we do for our bodies. If you meditate for a few hours a day, I don’t see how you could start taking drugs. Likewise, extreme concern for mental health cannot have a positive impact on the body. Having a healthy mind in a healthy body does not mean that we have a healthy body because of a healthy mind. Nowadays, we have replaced the idea of health with aesthetics.

A healthy person is not necessarily more beautiful than an unhealthy person. In the past, a healthy person was considered to have good skin color, strong bones, thick hair, a suitable body weight, white eyes, etc. Not necessarily muscular body shape. People think that diet and fitness define health. However, I see that in the end, food is what influences 80% of what we put into our bodies. Everything else is secondary. If we don’t use perfumes or chemicals, it doesn’t change the effect of food. The things we apply to our bodies may represent around 20%, while what we ingest represents 80%.

Can the mind strengthen our body?

To some extent, mental state can regulate the body. I don’t see them working independently of each other. I also see that mental state is closely connected to hormones and signals in our body. Our mental state is regulated based on the state of our body. In the summer, we are not happier just because we are happier, but because we move more, eat more fruit, drink more water, spend more time in the sun, etc. A healthy mind means a healthy body, but it doesn’t mean that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. In a state of balance, a person should not suffer from depression and mental illnesses.

So, can we cleanse our minds through our bodies?

Yes, no one is born sick, except in rare cases where people are born alcoholics or with disabilities. Most people are born healthy. It’s all connected to hormones and balance. Most people desire aesthetics, not health. Health is not always aesthetic.


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