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Hey there! I’m Lara. I have been working together with my dad in my hypnotic trance since I was about 9, however now in my early 20s I’m finally ready to share the insights that came to light with you!

Through the years I came across 25 entities from the field that now help my father and I in our day to day life with their objective yet very soothing information regarding anything we ask.

I still read these notes to this day and get excited to share them everytime I do.

It felt too good not to share.

I could go on and promise that reading my content is going to open some third eye or cleanse your chakras but in reality I’m just hoping these informations will help you as much as they help me. I go into a trance multiple times a day sometimes and just let my hand write by itself. It started as a blog which is now my journal where I share insights that come to light and just in general my views on certain situations. 

Tips From Beyond - like a mysterious book where you never know what the next chapter will bring.

P.S. I’m Slovene. English is not my first language so please keep that in mind if you notice any poor grammar.


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