Camino packing list

Camino packing list, what and what not to bring.

Before my dad and I went on the Camino I watched a lot of videos about what to bring on the Camino. Usually, they were informational but I found that they all had 40, 50 sometimes even 80l backpacks.
We didn’t think luggage and clothes would be a problem to find even along the way, that’s why we bought a simple 24l backpack for each of us. That was all we needed, keep in mind that the sleeping bag we brought (used it once) was taking up half of the backpack space. There are a ton of shops and supermarkets along the way which carry all types of supplies.

You don’t need to carry hygiene products, bandages or cream from home since you can stock up along the way.

So with all that said I compiled the actual things you need in this shortlist (keep in mind everybody needs different things).

Camino packing list:

  • Trail runners/shoes for walking
  • T-shirts/tops
  • pants/leggings, sweatpants, shorts,…
  • phone
  • map/app for the Camino (optional)
  • socks (good quality, made for walking long distances)
  • underwear (undershirt if you want)
  • backpack (we had a 24l each)
  • water bottle (or buying them along the way)
  • small medkit (bandages, cream, shampoo,…)
  • sleeping bag (optional)

If you’re thinking about doing the Camino (any one of them) I highly encourage you to do it. There isn’t an experience like it!

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